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Certificate Awards Day At Oasis Compassion Agency

Daniel Gilroy


Founder and CEO of Perception Is Everything, Inc., Clover Henry-Gilroy, with program certificate-of-completion awardees from her free, six-week, Microsoft Word workshop at Oasis Compassion Agency in Greenacres, Florida.


Clients were so thrilled by the experience and training, that they subsequently requested intermediate and advanced training in Microsoft Word, and additional workshops in Microsoft Excel. 

Proud Certificate of Completion Awardee, Magna Christian

Clover Henry-Gilroy


Magna Christian, a client of our partner in empowerment, Oasis Compassion Agency, Greenacres, Florida, receives her certificate of completion of the free, six-week, Microsoft Word workshop from Amanda Albuquerque.  Perception Is Everything, Inc. partners with Oasis Compassion Agency in empowering our comunities to become employed and self sufficient by conducting free employability and job training workshops for their clients.



Glenda A. Ramos Gets Her Certificate of Completion

Clover Henry-Gilroy


Amanda Albuquerque presents a certificate of completion to Glenda A. Ramos, at the end of a six-week, free, Microsoft Word workshop, conducted by Perception Is Everything, Inc. at the facilities of our partner in empowerment, Oasis Compassion Agency.

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